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Behind-the-Scenes of bluegeckoarts Design

Here I will write some about how I have created/compiled the artwork shown here.  I hope that it will give you ideas for your own works of art!

Shield Design Narnia Wallpaper

This picture was a fun one for me to make.  It took hours of work, but it was worth it. 
This is a compilation of a lot of pictures.  Since I do my work on Photoshop CS I use layers, and for this picture I have 29 layers of pictures/text/effects.  Only about four things in the picture are actually official artwork.  The rest are pictures I searched for on Google.  I found the shields and had to fix the colors on some of them.  I had to "cut" out each one myself (which took a while - even using the helpful tools on Photoshop CS).  For the official "The Chronicles of Narnia" logo - I had to "cut" that out myself - it took a long time.  The background picture looks really nice - it was an actual picture taken by my dad when my parents were at Lake Louise in Canada.  I fixed it up a lot, but it is still the main thing.  If you look carefully down at the bottom of the picture (it is easier to see on the version of this wallpaper that doesn't have the "credits" at the bottom) you can see a "reflection" of Aslan.  I took this from a book cover for the whole Narnia series.  The moon in the background may look a bit real, but is really a white "glob" that I put gray "splotches" on.  For the stars in the sky and on the water, I tried to make it look as if they have their own constellations, just like we do.  You can see a cross (or sword) above-right of the moon and a partial shield to the left of the picture.  The swords, dagger, and axes were all found on web pages (except the sword on the black striped shield).  The dagger I thought could represent what the White Witch used to kill Aslan on the Stone Table.  Please go to or to find out more about Narnia. 
Thank you.

Unofficial Narnia LWW Wallpaper - The Original

This was the first wallpaper that I made that centers on Narnia and the upcoming movie, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  I used official artwork and unofficial artwork combined.
The official artwork is the Walden Media logo, the "The Lion, etc..." logo, the sword, the swirly thing behind "The Chronicles..." logo, and of course, the background (which is official, but it was actually a few official pictures pasted together by a fan(s) on one (or more) of the Narnia websites).  The fonts are not official - including the Walt Disny Pictures one - I have that font on my computer.  It looks real, and it may very well be, but I typed it out myself.  One thing that I like is that it all looks pretty real.  The "credits" down at the bottom took a while to type, because I typed it in the style used by the professionals.  I really like this one - and it is available in different colors as well.  I changed the tones (even for this one) from the original - now there is a variety in the Wallpaper section. Enjoy!

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