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Narnia Design - Paper For Your Wall

The pictures displayed below are designed/compiled by bluegeckoarts.  bluegeckoarts does not claim ownership of the pictures and has no affiliation with Walden Media or Walt Disney Pictures.  All pictures are unofficial and free for use.

Click on wallpapers for actual sizes.
All wallpapers are 1280 x 1024 pixels in size.

New Narnia Wallpaper
This includes new concept art released by Walden Media/Disney.

Aravis and Hwin Wallpaper
This compilation includes a beautiful drawing by Kelly D. Rose. Thank you Kelly!

Unofficial Narnia LWW Wallpaper in Maroon
LWW in Maroon
Maroon your type? Then choose this one!

Unofficial Narnia LWW Wallpaper in Green
LWW in Green
Green. Narnia. Lush.

Old Map Design
Old Map Design Wallpaper
This one may change, I'm not sure I'm completely done with it.

Unofficial Narnia LWW Wallpaper in Purple
LWW in Purple
If you like purple, this one's for you.

Unofficial LWW Wallpaper - The Original
Unofficial Narnia LWW Wallpaper - The Original
I had fun creating this picture. I hope you enjoy it! It's my favorite.

Unofficial Narnia LWW Wallpaper in Peach
LWW in Peach
Peach your favorite? Take a bite of this.

NEW!!! Unofficial Narnia Shield Design
Narnia LWW Shield Design Wallpaper
This one is really cool. It took me hours to make, but I'm proud of it. ... Do you see Him?

Unofficial Narnia Shield Design
Narnia LWW Shield Design Wallpaper (No Credits)
This one doesn't have the movie information like the other one - but do you still see Him?....

This site is maintained and updated by bluegeckoarts, and is in no way affiliated with C.S. Lewis, Walden Media, or Disney.  I do not claim the artwork shown to be my own unless otherwise noted.  Copyrights and trademarks for promotional materials are held by their respective owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.